Our Story

Hello and welcome to my food 4 thought! Brunch has been a place for our families and friends to get together and share moments together in the hustle and bustle of life. We started trying out new brunch places about four years ago and we have grown to a group of five (with visitors) in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area.

The Brunch Brigade

Bill is the patriarch of our group with eclectic taste in food. He has lived in the Twin Cities for most of his life and knows the history of brunch places in the metro. Bill is not afraid of trying new food and likes unique tastes. Bill has a knack for finding great brunch places in new and old neighborhoods. He often shares the history of the burrows we find ourselves visiting in the search of good brunch food. Bill is a guy who appreciates looks at the whole pictures, weighing food, atmosphere, service, and sometimes even parking. Bill likes to pick out feature items off of a menu or specialty items for each restaurant.

Pat has a bit of a sweet tooth and appreciates an empty plate at the end of her brunch. She has luck picking out the prettiest plates on the menu. Pat likes to ask for suggestions from staff at the restaurants we visit and it seems to be a good method for picking out great food. Not only will Pat get to know the staff at the restaurant, but she is going to walk away their best customer. Pat likes chocolate, specialty starters, not a lot of heat, and trying non-alcoholic beverages with her brunch.

Jared has a holistic approach to food, meaning he likes to eat everything on this plate. Jared appreciates strong flavors, heat, and good service. You can count on Jared to order a Bloody Mary each and every week for brunch. Jared enjoys his food and is frequently quieted for showing his appreciation for the food. You can count on him to pick out the meat dishes, items that are slow-cooked to add flavor, and new spins of classic brunch recipes. Other than well prepared hash browns, you will not find potatoes on his plate.

Andrea is the alternative eater. She can’t each things like meat, root vegetables, leafy greens, dairy, gluten, and more. If a restaurant offers alternative food options, you can bet she will probably try them, as long as they are in her diet. Andrea appreciates easy access to bathrooms, cleanliness, and a quiet atmosphere where she can talk with her family.

Michael likes Mexican and Asian fusion, eggs Benedict, and cheese. Michael enjoys trying new mixed drinks and did we mention cheese? Michael likes moderate heat and spices with a good blends of flavors. The more food the better on his plate. Micheal appreciates a comfortable table and chairs with enough room for him to fold into his seat without hitting his knees.